Interested in Obedience Classes, Private Lessons

or Conformation Handling at Working Dogs NY?

Private Lessons with Meryl Winnie

Focus & Motivation for Competition Obedience

Sequencing and Motivation for Open/Utility 

Email Meryl at Info@workingdogsny.comor Cell 518-857-6543 


Competition Classes and Private Lessons with

Mary Maltbie of Heel Dog Training Academy is having the following classes at Working Dogs NY in Amsterdam, NY

OPEN/UTILITY PROOFING CLASS - Saturdays 2:30-3:30pm

Cost : Drop in fee $20/dog

This class is for the dog and handler that have the skills to compete in Open and Utility but would like to work on polishing these skills or doing distraction work on these skills. Stays will be part of the class. Distractions will be modified to what the dog is ready for and will be used to build confidence and understanding of the exercise.


Cost: Drop in fee $20/dog

This class is for the dog that is starting to work on Open level or working at the Open level and has a retrieve of the dumbbell. The class will cover the Open exercises in the teaching format and introduce some distraction work for the dog to give them further understanding of the exercises. There will also be an introduction to the Utility level exercises in class. This class is for the dog/handler that is getting ready for the Open Competition ring and wants to start learning Utility.


Cost: Drop in fee $20/dog

This class is designed for the dog that is getting ready for Beginner Novice/Novice level of competition obedience. A lot of attention paid to heeling and attention work, stays (sit, down, stand), and recall work. There is also an introduction to some of the Open (learning the retrieve) and Utility exercises.

****If interested in any of the above classes, please contact Mary for dates and times directly at ****


Private Competition Obedience Lessons with Therese Mazula. 

Please contact Therese at 518-877-8003(Home) or 518-339-7241(Cell)



Competitive Instruction, Run-Throughs, Basic Pet Obedience or Problem Solving Issues with Sue Averill

A results based trainer with over 25 years of experience. I started obedience as a Volhard student, graduating to assisting in classes and seminars and caring for Volhard's dogs. A move further east brought me to work for Mary Ferentino when she opened Good Dog Training Center in Albany. Later, a job offer at Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue move me to Centeral Massacheusetts and Clover Hill Training Center. My interest in the sport of obedience led me to participate in clinics and camps with many different competitive instructors, increasing my training toolbox. For the past 17 years, I assessed, retrained and found loving adoptive homes for over 3000 rescue Goldens and Golden mixes. At the same time, I was teaching pet obedience classes along with an ongoing multi level competitive obedience classes. Though it all, I have competed and titled my own Aussies in Obedience, Herding, Rally, and agility, several attaining national ranking for their breed including a Champion Peke ranked #1 obedience in the Northeast. Recently, my youngest dog Nanas competed at her National Specialty for Most Versatile Aussie.

Please contact Sue directly at 978-440-0970 (Call or Text)


Conformation Handling Class with Southern Adirondack Dog Club

Thursday Evenings, 6:30pm-7:30pm. $5/person. You do not need to be a member to come to class. Drop In.

Please contact Sue Schulz directly at