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Private Lessons with Meryl Winnie

Focus & Motivation for Competition Obedience

Sequencing and Motivation for Novice/Open/Utility 

Email Meryl at Info@workingdogsny.comor Cell 518-857-6543 


Competition Classes and Private Lessons with

Mary Maltbie of Heel Dog Training Academy is having the following classes at Working Dogs NY in Amsterdam, NY

Competition Obedience Level 1 Saturday 12 - 1pm
This class is designed for the dog that is getting ready for Beginner Novice/Novice level of competition level obedience.  The class will cover attention, heeling, sit and down stays, sit and stand for exam, and the recall exercise.  Dogs can be at different stages of training from the dogs just learning the exercises to the dogs that are ready for proofing of the beginner novice and novice exercises.

Competition Obedience Level 2 Saturday 1:15 - 2:15pm.

This class will cover the Open Obedience exercises of off leash heeling, command discrimination, drop on recall, retrieve on the flat and over the high, plus broad jump exercise.  Dogs can be at various stages of training the open exercises but they should be reliable off leash to be in this class.  Distraction work will also be done in this class for the dogs that are polishing their skills at this level.

Competition Obedience Level 3 Saturday 2:30 - 3:30pm.
This class will cover the Utility Obedience exercises of signals, scent articles, directed retrieve, moving stand and directed jumping.  Dog can be at various stages of training the utility exercises but they should be reliable off leash and have a reliable retrieve to be in class.  Distraction work will also be done in this class for the dogs that are polishing their skills at this level.

Classes are not every Saturday so please contact Mary Maltbie to find out if there are spots open in the specific class and what dates classes are taking place.  Private lessons are also available.

If interested in classes or private lessons, contact Mary Maltbie at


Private Competition Obedience Lessons with Therese Mazula. 

Please contact Therese at 518-877-8003(Home) or 518-339-7241(Cell)



Competitive Instruction, Run-Throughs, Basic Pet Obedience or Problem Solving Issues with Sue Averill

A results based trainer with over 25 years of experience. I started obedience as a Volhard student, graduating to assisting in classes and seminars and caring for Volhard's dogs. A move further east brought me to work for Mary Ferentino when she opened Good Dog Training Center in Albany. Later, a job offer at Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue move me to Central Massachusetts and Clover Hill Training Center. My interest in the sport of obedience led me to participate in clinics and camps with many different competitive instructors, increasing my training toolbox. For the past 17 years, I assessed, retrained and found loving adoptive homes for over 3000 rescue Goldens and Golden mixes. At the same time, I was teaching pet obedience classes along with an ongoing multi level competitive obedience classes. Though it all, I have competed and titled my own Aussies in Obedience, Herding, Rally, and agility, several attaining national ranking for their breed including a Champion Peke ranked #1 obedience in the Northeast. Recently, my youngest dog Nanas competed at her National Specialty for Most Versatile Aussie.

Please contact Sue directly at 978-440-0970 (Call or Text)


Conformation Handling Class with Southern Adirondack Dog Club

Thursday Evenings, 6:30pm-7:30pm. $5/person. You do not need to be a member to come to class. Drop In.

Please contact Sue Schulz directly at


Agility Class with Bob Spetla

Bob has been competing in agility for over 15 years, participating in AKC, CPE and UKI. He has been home training his dogs using the One Mind Method for the last few years with great success. He wants to share his methods to help students "smooth" their game and increase confidence between human and dog. Wednesday AM and PM Classes available. 

Please contact Bob at


Agility Class with Kim Davis

Kim has been training, competing and teaching agility for 25 years. After some frustration with not being able to get the same behavior at trial that she did in practice, Kim sought a new way of learning. In 2003, she began training regularly with Susan Garrett of Say Yes. Kim continued her training at Say Yes under many instructors including Greg & Laura Derrett, Mary Ellen Barry, Jen Pindar, Rick DeAmelio and World Team Coach Tracy Sklenar. Kim has since studied agility with Tara Baggerman who has brought so much knowledge and inspiration back to the sport. Though Tara, Kim has trained with world renowned instructors Anthony Clarke, Aaron Froude and Joe Boudreau. 

Kim's Labrador, Treasure, has 2 AKC MACH titles, numerous qualifications to the National Agility Championships as well as being in the Top 25 Labradors 3 years in a row. Kim is currently downsizing to train her new little guy: a 5# Chihuahua Mix named Buster.

Wednesday PM Classes available. 

Please contact Kim at


Agility Run Thrus On Wednesdays 4-5PM, 5-6PM and 7-8PM

Each week we will set up a AKC Open/Excellent Level course for participants to run. Class will be limited to 10 dogs so there will be ample time for multiple runs. Novice dogs may participate and plan an easier course if necessary. Wednesday 5-6PM 

Please contact Meryl at